Top 9 SHOWER SHOES [Ultimate Guide 2022]


Have you ever been in a hotel bathroom, in a public shower at the pool, or even the gym and had to take a shower but felt icky due to the shower floors? These showers have potentially hosted many people and so there is a danger of you contracting bacteria or fungus. This can end up causing serious infections or diseases such as athlete’s foot, warts, or abscesses.

Using good-quality shower shoes will reduce risks to a significant extent. We’ve rounded up for you the best shower shoes out there so read on.

Shower shoes are literally what the term suggests, shoes made for the shower. Now you might be thinking, what an odd thing to buy, but in fact, after reading this article you will instead be thinking, what an excellent thing to buy! So let’s take you through a roundup of the best shower shoes out there. 

Our 5 Favorite SHOWER SHOES

Top 9 Shower Shoes Reviews

1. Finleoo Shower Shoes

Shower Shoes Women with Holes | Shower Shoes for College Dorm Women Shower Shoes Women Non Slip Shower Slippers Bathroom Sandals | Extremely Comfy | Shower Shoes Women for Indoor & Outdoor

These Shower shoes are made for practicality. Do you see those tiny dots on them? Yes, those are drainage holes. The underlying purpose is to make sure that the water drains alongside your showering and so your shower shoes will be dry super quickly and this will protect you against any possible slipping. We recommend individuals of all ages to make use of these because I must admit, at some point in all our lives we have been careless in the shower. The Shower Sandals save you from any injuries caused due to our silliness. 

The same drainage holes are extremely comfortable because they give your feet the feeling that they are being massaged. Those bulges on the soles take the shape of your foot which not only is comfortable but you will also enjoy massaging your feet with them while you shower. 

If you flip these shower shoes, you will see that underneath it there is an anti-slip sole so that when you are leaving your shower and there is water on the floor, these shoes will ensure you have a good grip and you don’t slip. We don’t want any accidents now, do we? 

However, we must warn you that these shower shoes may be slightly difficult to clean. Nonetheless, we are sure that you will find these bathroom slippers so comfortable that you will not only wear them in the shower but also at your house, at the pool, and even at the gym! One customer reviewed the Shower Sandals on Amazon as, “Truly non-slip, held up to 50 hours of slick, wet surface”. Now you are the judge!

Drainage holes provide comfortDifficult to clean
AffordableTop friction burn can occur

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2. Under Armour Shower Slippers

Under Armour mens Locker Iv Slide Sandal, Black Black White 001, 12 US

For someone who cannot be bothered by separate slippers for the house and shower, and yet won’t compromise on the looks either, these shower slippers are an ideal choice for you. Being the product of one of the leading sports brands, these shower slippers serve the dual purpose of pleasing you with their lightweight as well as not letting you slip on that slippery floor of yours. Isn’t that great?

The whole game for these bathroom slippers is the sole. Having a rubber sole helps to reduce pressure on your feet and knees so that you can enjoy your walk without worrying about unnecessary tension on your knee joints. The sole provides cushion comfort to your feet, helping you to roam around the house 24/7 without worrying about hurting your feet. Ever heard about walking on a cloud? If not, you should try these!

We know that some people are flat-footed, overpronate, have bunions, plantar and Achilles problems, and ankle arthritis. These shower slippers are designed to ensure arch support and maximum comfort to your feet. Exactly what you need for your feet problem if you have any.

It is light, it is comfortable, it is no weight to wear and the cherry on the top is that it is elegant! The black color works fine with almost every casual outfit, you can rock them any time with any cloth and not feel awkward. The most amazing aspect is, you don’t need to utilize them just for the shower. You can utilize them in the dormitory, gym, medical clinic, pools, and seashores.

The quick-drying facility makes it an awesome choice for any place that might be wet. 

The only downside to these is that they are expensive. The brand name combined with the exceptional quality the company offers makes it expensive, but high quality demands a high price right? 

Quick drying facilityHard to find the perfect fit

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3. Adidas Men’s Adilette Comfort Slide Sandals

adidas Men's Adilette Comfort Slide Sandals

With a star rating of 4.7, this is perhaps the coolest, yet most popular bathroom slippers you can find in the market. Adidas is one of the top-rated brands in the globe for quality shoes ranging from sports shoes to casual ones, this one is worth investing in.

Besides having a trending slide-in design that elevates your look, the bathroom slippers have synthetic soles manufactured to ensure maximum comfort. The thick sole is trendy, and more than that gives you the confidence you need to rock them at parties.

Despite having a thick sole, these Adidas slippers do not compromise on practicality as it is extremely lightweight and comfortable. They are soft and cushiony, a perfect option for indoor and outdoor wear. Even though being easy to slip on and off, they will not bother you while you walk or even run. The grip and stability they offer are extremely assuring so that you don’t have to worry about falling.

Let your feet sink into the shoe and enjoy absolute arch and toe support with its cushioned sole. Ideal for young individuals who face difficulties in finding shoes that are suitable for them. So buy these for yourself or buy these for your parents and they will forever be thankful to you. 

What are you even waiting for? These slippers are the ideal combination of comfort and quality. And precisely why on our list of ‘Best Shower Shoes’.

Trendy lookNo padding inside of the strap
Excellent gripThe strap isn’t adjustable

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4. Crocs Men’s /Women’s Flip Flops

Crocs Crocband Flip Flop

The name itself is indicative of the fact that it is a well-known brand around the world. It is known for its top-notch quality and is loved by its loyal customers so much so that they are described as being ‘perfect’. 

They have a sporty look and feel but at the same time, they are lightweight and fun. Don’t believe me? I will explain it in more detail. 

They are made to be a cross between outside and inside wear flip flops such that they look like regular ones but their soles have massage-pod footbeds that feel good on your feet.

When wearing them in the shower, you don’t have to worry about slipping because they are quick to dry and are water-friendly. Imagine this, you’re in the locker room shower and want to quickly slide out your feet to wash them but there is always this slight chance that you may lose your balance. With these shower flip flops, you can leave all your worries at home because it will keep your feet in place no matter how much water you use them in. 

These Shower Flip Flops are unisex so worry not; you can buy them for you and your family. They offer a roomier fit and allow you to feel snug while you wear them. The best part is that you don’t even have to worry about wearing them outside. They can be paired perfectly with shorts, slacks, and swimwear. And for all those fashionistas out there, do not fear because the crocs are available in almost 13 different colors

We must warn you however that some users have reported damage when exposed to direct sunlight however if you live in a place with a colder climate or don’t plan on using them outside too much then this aspect should not worry you. It is undoubtedly one of the best shower flips flops you can get.

Comfortable flip flopsExpensive
UnisexMight curl on the ends

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5. Nike Women’s Benassi Just Do It Slide Slippers

You know how when you are at the pool, you can’t wear shoes around it because of the wet surface and there is always a danger that you may slip and hurt yourself? Well, I am here to tell you that your worries are unnecessary. The Nike Women’s is designed for protection, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

Nike has always taken customers’ needs and satisfaction to utmost seriousness and unlike other shoe brands, the company is user-focused. Their principles are easily highlighted in these slippers. The slippers are comfortable. Not only is the sole that provides a comfortable walk around the park but also the top is padded. If you are afraid of that friction burn due to the top rubbing your foot, don’t worry Nike has attached jersey lining to help protect your foot.

The best part is that they are made up of high-quality material. For all those women who can afford an expensive shower shoe that can work as an indoor and outdoor slipper, this is an ideal choice. The excellent quality ensures they will last long and be durable. Get them and you will be free for years.

Most people usually don’t prefer slides due to the design which makes them loose and it might fall off your feet. However, these bathroom slippers are snug enough to stay on but stretchy enough to wear with your socks. They are perfect for running, jogging, sitting by the pool, or even when you have to take your dog out for a walk.

Still not convinced? These are ideal for carrying on vacation because they’re lightweight so they won’t take up too much space in your bag and you must use them when using hotel showers as they will protect you from any fungus, bacteria, or mold on the shower bottom. 

We do however wish that it was a little cheaper to be affordable to everyone. But, indeed, they are worth the price tag.

Inner jersey liningStrap isn’t adjustable
Provides impact protectionNarrow slides

6. Adidas Shower Slides

Adidas. Need I say more? Adidas is known as the leading company when it comes to sports goods and when it comes to shoes, they have definitely captured the market too. The modern Adidas slides came out recently and have been the rage ever since. 

In our opinion, the Adidas Slides serve two purposes; comfortable and looking cool. 

Adidas’s first and foremost priority is to make products that are comfortable for their customer and in doing such, the Slides which can be termed as Shower Slides or Shower Shoes or Shower Slippers, whatever you like, they have a boat like sole which is made so the foot fits perfectly in it. The foot feels like heaven in it, trust me. 

They’re also available in sizes ranging from 3-15 so everyone is most likely to easily find their size. They also come in different colors to fit the tastes of different people. You can choose between black to green, coral orange, or even light pink colors. 

The Adidas Slides are ideal for those people who aren’t necessarily inclined towards the shape of flip flops and so these are a great alternative! These slides are rubber, even the under the sole so you best believe they will not get that rotten mildew smell from getting wet each day. 

Available in different colorsMight curl at the ends
Fits perfectly 

7. Kids Shower Sandals 

Menore Kids Toddler Pillow Slide Sandals Shower Bathroom Slippers Quick Drying Open Toe Soft Non-Slip Cushioned Thickened Summer Slides Beach Pool House for Girls and Boys Indoor&Outdoor

You didn’t think we’d not have something for the little ones did you? 

At first sight, you’ll fall in love with how absolutely adorable and cute these Shower Sandals are. They come in a strawberry, peach, pineapple, and watermelon pattern for you to choose from. Although if you ask me, I find each one equally adorable. 

We all know how irresponsible children can be sometimes so the Shower Sandals are equipped with a safe non-slip sole and anti-slip stripes which give the little feel-good grip with no slippage and excellent balance.

They are also supportive to the arch for those restless and active children who cannot sit down for one minute and constantly worry their poor parents. The Shower Sandals are also made of high-elastic and durable material to ensure maximum comfort. 

Your child can use these for various occasions and you do not have to worry about them slipping or hurting themselves because the Shower Sandals are made for protection. So let them run around as much as their heart desires and you just sit back and relax. 

AffordableNo inner lining
Available in different colorsNo back support for kid’s feet

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8. SIMARI Water Shoes

SIMARI Water Shoes Womens Mens Swim Beach Pool Aqua Sports Quick Dry Barefoot Diving Surf Walking

I want to share a story with you about the time I went to a waterpark and went through the hassle of having to carry my flip-flops in my hands when I went on rides. If I had known of the SIMARI water shoes, I would’ve remembered my experience more fondly. 

The SIMARI water shoes are shower shoes but they look like socks! They’re made from comfortable fabric such that the material is breathable and has the quick-dry ability. It is smooth and can stretch so that it takes the shape of your feet. It also is extremely lightweight and convenient. So wear them for all your sporting activities. It is friendly towards swimming, surfing, the pool, sailing, water parks, boating, kayaking, beach volleyball, fishing, walking, car-washing, and your vacations to name a few. 

In fact, we would recommend that you consider buying them for sporting activities because its unique sole design has good performance as the cushion in it will protect your feet from shock. The best part is you can wear these bathroom slippers in the summer at the beach and the hot sand will not bother your feet at all. 

Highly comfortableMight damage feet
AffordableMight be uncomfortable for some people

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9. Havaianas Women’s Top Tiras Flip Flop Sandal

Havaianas Women's Top Tiras Flip Flops

trip to a beach or even your normal day-to-day pool visit requires flip flops that are comfortable and your go-to slippers. It isn’t a smart choice to wear your expensive shoes to the beach and get them wet and end up spending hundreds on buying another pair. Exactly why getting these Havaianas flip flop sandals is a smart decision. Let me explain to you why.

Let’s start with its star feature. The Tiras are hand-tailored for style and toughness. The flip flop is stylish, trendy but they are rough and tough for daily wear to help you get the best out of them. You can wear them literally anywhere and not worry about damaging them since they are made for wet places.

What exactly makes them rough and tough? They are made up of 100% solid elastic with padded toughness. These shoes for ladies highlight a lightweight vibe with a warmth safe and water-safe development. Not simply the characteristic of a quality brand, the mark Havaianas rice design gives added slip protection. A fundamental seashore shoe for summer climate and get-aways. 

Simple yet stylishLong use might cause blisters
Slip protection 

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What To Look For When Purchasing Shower Shoes


While we have listed down for you the best shower shoes out there, we know sometimes you don’t find those, so when you’re out looking for a good pair of shower shoes, the following are a few key things to keep in mind. 

Non-Slip Soles

Ensure that the material used is anti-slip. Anti-slip shoe material will allow you to feel safe and stable in a wet environment such as the shower. The rubber material is the best choice because it is the safest option when using shoes in the shower. Water-absorbent materials like foam or mesh are generally light but get quickly filled up with water so your feet may slip inside the shoes. It is also more prone to fungal and bacterial growth. 

The material used will also impact to what extent your feet are being protected. 

Antimicrobial Coating

This is a very important factor to keep in mind because after using shoes in the shower if the material does not allow the water to dry quickly then there is a high chance of fungus and bacteria spreading. There might be a nasty odor as well. To prevent any of these situations, ensure that the shower shoe has an antimicrobial coating

Drainage Holes

This is something the eye can easily see. The shower shoe should have reasonable sized holes in them which will allow water to drain out quickly. If the water does not dry quickly, your feet will be submerged in your own used water which will be as gross as it sounds. 

Adjustable Strap

While this is not a key factor but if it is available, it would definitely assist you better. An adjustable strap will allow the shower shoe to fit your feet and will further protect you from any slipping. 


We recommend that you consider splurging a bit of money for a good pair of shower shoes that will last long. Durability is a common issue that comes with purchasing cheap flips flops that break every few weeks and don’t even do the job properly. So this is an investment that you will want to make. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Shower Shoes?

Shower Shoes are specialized footwear made from waterproof materials. Ideally, they feature antimicrobial protection and anti-slip soles.

What are the different kinds of Shower Shoes?

Flip Flops: This popular style is a Y-shaped strap that slips in between your first two toes holding the flat sole to your foot.
Slides: These are easy to slip in and out of. They have a wide strap towards the top of the shoe.
Neoprene Water Shoes: This style features a closed toe made from mesh or webbed material. They have perforated opening and allow water to drain out easily.

Why should I buy Shower Shoes? Can I not use my regular flip flops?

While you could use your regular flip flops but we would definitely advise against it because Shower Shoes are of a specialized kind and their purpose is to be anti-slip. It is safer to use Shower Shoes because they are designed for the purpose of showering.

How should I prevent bacteria from accumulating on my Shower Shoes?

If you get a good quality shoe you likely will not have an issue of bacteria buildup but in case you do, just air dry them and they should be bacteria-free.

How do I clean my Shower Shoes?

In your routine use, you will be rinsing them off in the shower so that will automatically clean them but if you like, you can wash them every few weeks with antibacterial soap.


All in all, it is best to consider your purpose for buying Shower Shoes. Your needs can range from indoor to outdoor use or even both. If you have specific uses, such as only using them in the shower then it is best to go for anti-slip shower shoes that have material that is quick-drying. If your need is to use them for outdoor purposes such as the pool, beach, gym or other outdoor water activities then pick shower shoes that have a good cushioning that provide support to the foot and arch along with being anti-slip and quick-drying to safeguard.

We can guarantee that all the options provided above are equally good but because every individual’s use may vary, you may choose one that suits you best. All the options above are also not highly-priced so you may not worry about that aspect when making your decision and as far as style goes, they’re all available in a range of styles and colors so choose those that you think look best in!

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