Best Slip Resistant Shoes and NonSlip Dress Shoes


Imagine someone trying to ski in high heels. Apart from being ridiculously odd, skiing in heels poses a great danger to the person. It would be safer to use the right shoes for that sport.

Similarly, Owning a pair of slip resistant shoes is vital if your work environment is prone to wet or greasy floors. The non slip shoes are also necessary for outdoor activities such as hiking, jogging, and other sports. If you get the appropriate pair of slip resistant shoes, you will save your bones and keep medical bills low altogether.

Slip resistant shoe is a term that precisely refers to shoes that protect you from slipping or falling when walking or working on slippery surfaces. You’ll not be 100% free from slipping, but this footwear reduces the risks of it happening.

Are you ready for some slip resistant shoe shopping? Let’s make it easier for you.

Read on to scrutinize the best slip-resistant shoes for work and non-slip dress shoes. We have also highlighted the factors you should consider when buying non slip shoes and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about slip-resistant shoes.

Our 10 Favorite Slip Resistant Shoes

Top Non Slip Dress Shoes Reviews

1. Skechers for Work: Men’s Cotton wood Elks

Skechers for Work Men's Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe

If you are looking to maintain a sharp and stylish look without compromising your safety at the workplace, you will love Skechers cottonwood elks. This shoe was built with safety and style in mind. It has a simple, trendy, yet safe design that you can’t resist.

Built with a leather upper and a lace-up closure, you are assured of a secure fit. These shoes also come with a removable insole with memory foam and a soft fabric lining to cushion your feet for all-day comfort. The comfort does not end there; this shoe has a unique midsole that doubles up as a shock absorber and arch support.

The outsole is the real deal, though. These slip-resistant work shoes have a state-of-the-art synthetic outsole for traction and a secure grip on slippery, wet or oily floors.

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2. Dockers Men’s Trustee Oxford

Dockers Men’s Trustee Leather Oxford Dress Shoe

You can walk out of an executive meeting, head straight to the construction site, and later show up for a happy hour with the same pair of shoes. Yep! You can achieve both a professional, workmanship and casual look with one pair of shoes: the Dockers men’s trustee oxford non-slip shoes. Let’s dive right into what features give these shoes a unique versatility.

The Trustee oxford has smooth and shiny upper yet sturdy leather with an appealing upper stitch for secure protection. The round toe area features a tumbled full-grain leather that will enable you to walk around all day with no discomfort. The treaded rubber outsole is a big plus. Some people find it a bit soft, but it gives you a firm grip and traction you need to keep you on the ground on slippery and oily surfaces.

Besides, it has a padded collar and incredible cushioning for comfort. That’s not all; these shoes are also breathable due to the mesh lining that why people also called them as breathable shoes.

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3. Skechers Cottonwood Goddard

Skechers for Work Men's Cottonwood Goddard Twin Gore Slip Resistant Slip On

As the adage goes, your shoes can tell a lot about your skillset. Okay! I made that up, but if you want to create a trendy and professional impression on your workplace without comprising your safety, then you should consider the Skechers cottonwood Goodard. These shoes will allow you to go through your day comfortably and give you that sharp look.

These slip resistant dress shoes boast of a leather upper with unique stitching accents that gives it a sleek and classy look. Also, it has an easy slip-on design and dual side stretch that allows you to sip in and out without much bending. Moreover, these shoes have a flexible rubber outsole with high levels of traction for safety on slippery surfaces.

How comfortable are they? You ask. Very! They come with a memory foam cushioned insoles and a padded collar for all-day comfort. Also, they have a shock-absorbing midsole that also offers excellent arch support.

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Top Women Dress Shoes

4. Skechers Women: Work Relaxed Fit Sure Track

Skechers Work Sure Track - Trickel

Like the adage goes: the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet. Therefore, you can never take too much care over the choice of your footwear{I promise you I didn’t make that up}. Consider stepping out for work or a meeting with the Skechers women work relaxed fit sure track.

As the name suggests, you are sure. Sure of comfort, style, and protection. Isn’t that what we look for here? The slip-on work shoes offer a roomier and more relaxed fit. The memory form adds more comfort to it. Since it has no laces, it means you don’t need a lot of bending to put it on.

Also, these non-slip dress shoes have an OSHA-compliant rubber outsoles that give you a firm grip on precarious surfaces similar to neoprene work boots. The smooth leather upper from the toes to the heels also makes the shoes durable.

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5. Skechers for Work Women Slip Resistant Clogs

Skechers for Work Women's Slip Resistant Clog

This list would not be complete without featuring clogs. These easy to slip in shoes are specially designed for safety and comfort.

Don’t let the slightly lifted heel fool you. These shoes are ultralight and amazingly flexible. The rubber non-slip outsole will keep you safe on slippery and wet surfaces.

These easy to slip on loafers have a non-slip outsole too for safety on slippery and wet floors.

If you are looking for a shoe so comfortable that it feels like you are walking on a fluffy carpet barefoot, then you should consider these clogs. They have a perfectly cushioned midsole that keeps your feet protected and comfortable. It also has an inbuilt heel stabilizer to enhance smooth strides.

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6. Alegria Womens Keli Professional

Alegria Womens Keli Leather Shoes

Would you run in ballet shoes or swim in jeans and a cotton sweatshirt? You wouldn’t. Similarly, you should have the right shoes for your work environment to avoid trip and fall injuries.

Alegria Keli professionals are specially made to protect you from slippery surfaces without compromising your style. The interiors are covered in soft leather lining for all-day-long comfort and stability. It comes with a roomier fit for relaxed feet and leaves room for in case of swollen feet without feeling uncomfortable.

In addition, these cheap non-slip shoes have a double elastic gore to make it easy for you to put it on and take off. The manufacturers also understood that ladies have a unique way of expressing themselves through colors, so they made the shoes in many vibrant colors. You can choose to take a few pairs to match with different outfits.

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Non-slip work shoes for men

7. Reebok Men’s Work Cushion 3.0

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion 3.0 Kc Walking Shoe

I know what you are thinking: these are athlete shoes. Well, they may have been designed with athletes in mind, but they make one heck of good non slip work shoes. They are so good that One impressed customer recommended them for those who stand or walk a lot in their workplaces, saying their feet will thank them.

With a synthetic upper and traditional lace-up design, these shoes will give you a secure fit. They also come with a beveled heel that increases the strides while walking and provides excellent arch support. The low cut design also allows freedom of movement and fast transition.

Moreover, comfort is guaranteed. These slip resistant shoes come with Eva midsole for cushioning and support all day. Still, they are light and have a mesh lining that allows your feet to breathe. For more comfort, you can buy a bigger size shoe and add insoles to your choice.

Importantly, it has a high abrasion and non-slip rubber sole that gives high traction on slippery floors.

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8. Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Relaxed Fit Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Felton Shoe

The manufacturers outdid themselves on this one. Whether in black or white, Felton relaxed fit work shoe oozes of style and class and, at the same time, strength and resilience. Going by its features, it must feel great on feet too. Let’s dive right into its features.

The ultra-flexible leather upper with excellent stitching and a lace-up design makes it durable and secure, respectively. The memory foam topped insoles makes the dress shoes very comfortable. Note that the insoles are removable in case you want to replace it with your choice inserts.

The rubber outsole does not have much of the tread pattern, but they meet the Mark II standard of non- slip qualities. These non slippery shoes offer a firm grip even on slippery and oily surfaces. The tread pattern that goes all the way up the heel gives an extra grip.

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Non-Slip Work Shoes for Women

9. Skechers Elded Slip Resistant Shoes

Skechers for Work Women's Eldred Shoe

Skechers got you too ladies. Don these sporty casual sneakers for your long shift for happy and healthier feet. They may not be orthotic shoes, but they help with back problems.

The Skechers Elded slip-resistant sneakers are designed roomier and relaxed fit with a memory form memory for more comfort.

In addition, they are built with other protective features essential for a workplace like shock-absorbing midsole. Still, they have a leather and textile upper that is flexible and allows breathability. The lace-up design and a stitched up tongue give you a snug and secure fit.

Customers always ask, ‘ are the insoles removable?; absolutely! You can remove the insole and add your custom orthotic insoles.

Also, these sneakers non slip rubber traction outsole for a secure footing even on slippery floors. The outsole is also an Electricity Hazard(EH) safe design.

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10. New Balance Women Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoes

New Balance Women's Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoe

Safety, stability, comfort, and support for your feet are essential to get you through busy shifts and long hours at work. What better way to achieve this except with new balance 626 v2 industrial shoes?

These shoes come with a solid slip-resistant outsole that gives robust traction on various slippery surfaces. The outsole has been tested and approved according to the ASTN.

With an all-leather upper, these non-slip shoes provide an all-day secure fit. Also, it comes with an internal shank to offer you support and stability while on your feet. Also, it has an ABZORB crash pad placed on the heel for underfoot protection through compression and cushioning. These has got to be the most comfortable nonslip shoes.

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Men Restaurant Work Shoe

11. Skechers for Work Men Flex Advantage Mcallen Foodservice Smooth Sleek And Official

Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

Restaurants can arguably get messy with spillage on the floor and your outfit. For this reason, you need not only safe shoes but also easy to clean and quick to dry shoes. The flex advantage Mcallen offers is your sure bet for both.

These slip-on shoes are built with a mesh fabric upper, which is easy to clean and dries fast. Your feet will also not bake inside your boot in the hot restaurant environment as the fabric is breathable. Also, it comes with a synthetic slip-resistant outsole for traction on slippery surfaces.

You will also love the medium-width and roomier box. It gives you a tight yet comfortable snug. Talking of comfort, these slip-resistant sneakers come with a memory foam insole and soft fabric lining. Your feet will be well cushioned.

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12. Nike Men’s Air Force 1

Nike Mens Air Force 1 Low 07 315122 111 White on White - Size 12

If you are a movie lover, you must have heard of air force One: you know, that secure aircraft that transports the president. That name denotes power and protection. And so are these sneakers. Nike men’s Air force 1 is a sturdy pair of sneakers that will give you safety, support, and style as you work.

These sneakers are built with a flexible synthetic and leather combination upper with visible perforation for breathability. for natural multi-direction movement around the restaurant, these shoes have a padded collar and an encapsulated cushioning to keep your feet comfortable. Also, the non-slip sneakers have a lace-up design for a secure and snug fit.

The rubber outsole has excellent traction making it slip-resistant. It is also non-marking: meaning you will not leave any shoe marks on the floor.

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Women’s Restaurant Work Shoes

13. Skechers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoes

Skechers Women's Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe

If comfort is at the top of your list in your preferred work shoes, then look further. Lady, once you slip on the Skechers ghenter Bronaugh, you will wonder where they have been all your career life. You will never have sore feet at the end of a busy shift a day in your life.

Built with a slip-resistant rubber outs soles, these sneakers will keep you safe on slippery and oily floors. They are also made of a meshy fabric, which enhances flexibility and breathability. The shoes are too light to ease your movement all day.

In addition, the shoes are built to offer comfort and a snug fit. They come up with a lace-up design for a secure fit and a padded collar that ensures your ankles are great snug. They are also well-cushioned with memory foam for an extra touch of comfort.

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14. Nike Tanjun Nomens Tanjune Running Shoes

Nike Men's Tanjun Running Shoe, Black/Black/Anthracite 10

Here is yet another shoe designed with athletes in mind. However, its features match the requirements of a restaurant work environment: these include comfort, stability, and safety.

These nonskid shoes are built with a light rubber sole with square grooves and round edges. This design helps move away any liquid to move away from the shoe base providing stable traction and making the shoe slip-resistant.

In addition, the upper is made of a combination of breathable mesh and synthetic has a round toe design and a lace-up closure for a secure fit suitable in a restaurant.

For comfort, which is essential for any shoe, the sneakers have padded collars and a cushioned tongue. Also, these sneakers have a cushioned midsole for shock absorption. The manufacturers also understood that ladies are bold with colors, so the shoe comes in 24 different colors.

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Best nonslip shoes for waitresses

15. Skechers for Work Women’s Squad SR Foodservice Shoes

Skechers’ mission is to lead in designing the best casual and active footwear and providing an exceptional shoe experience to all its customers. They stayed true to this mission as they continue to create versatile and unique footwear for different industries. They did not forget the women in operating in the restaurant business either. The Skechers Squad SR foodservice shoes were made with them in mind.

These lightweight non-slip sneakers have a synthetic upper finish, which makes them flexible and durable. The interior is also well-cushioned to give you the comfort you need as you serve the clients during rush hours. Also, it comes with a memory foam footbed for that extra comfort and arch support.

The lace-up design is a plus for giving you a snug and secure fit. In addition, the rubber outsole is slip-resistant and gives you reliable traction. Stil on safety, this shoe is an Electricity hazard design.

16. Reebok Women’s Work N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoes

Reebok Women's Work 'N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

We all want to grow and move up the career ladder with time. The only way to do this is by being the best at what we do. A shoe built for the job will come in handy. I’m referring to Rebook 2.0.

As the name suggests, these shoes are well cushioned to enhance comfort and stability during a busy shift. They take pleasure a notch higher with the DMX ride technology. This is a uniquely cushioned midsole for that brisk walking in the clouds feeling. The Midsoles last longer than the other standard midsoles.

In addition, the sneakers have an ASTM grated slip-resistant outsole that gives excellent traction on slippery floors. Still, the heel has a sloping edge design to improve your walking strides in even of wet and oily surfaces.

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Best non-slip shoes for Servers

17. Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe

Skechers Men's Cessnock Food Service Shoe

Here is another shoe from Skechers specially designed for men working in the restaurant industry. If you are a server looking to finish your shift without foot sores and backache, buy a pair and you will not regret it. You will get value for your money.

The Cessnock foodservice shoes are built with a mesh upper making them breathable and flexible. The sneakers are also finished with bungee lacing for a secure fit. The lacing design also makes it easy to put on and take off the sneakers.

The outsoles are specially made to keep you safe on wet and oily surfaces. They have been tested following the ASTM testing standard, and they exceed the threshold for the damp condition.

Comfort has also been taken care of as the shoe comes with a removable Eva insole. This insole is designed to enhance flexibility, keep you warm, and absorb step impact.

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18. Adidas Originals Men’s 3mc Regular

adidas Originals Men's 3MC Regular Fit Lifestyle Skate Inspired Sneakers Shoes, black/black/white, 4 M US

As the adage states, Sometimes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. What may pass as just another canvas shoe to some turns out to be a sturdy nonslip shoe to take you through a tough shift.

Built with a Geoflex outsole tread, these cheap non slips shoes will give you an unmatched grip on slippery surfaces. The outsole also has a rubber foxing along the sides for reinforcement. Also, it has an

The canvas top finish with a trim of leather at the back of the heel makes these shoes durable and flexible. Also, it has the traditional lace-up closure with metal eyelets for a snug and secure fit.

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Men kitchen Shoes

19. Skechers for Work Men 76759

Skechers for Work Men's Soft Stride Galley Slip Resistant Boot

One look at these boots tells it all: they are built to be overworked. They have this look that says that they can endure hardship without breaking. So, is it as strong as it looks?

Absolutely! The Soft stride gullet work boots have a sleek yet sturdy upper that can survive any obstacle. Don’t get me wrong. Just because I said it tough, I don’t mean it stiff. The upper is incredibly flexible.

In addition, the boots come with an OSHA compliant slip resistant rubber outsole that will give you a firm grip even on wet and oily floors. Did I mention how comfortable it is? These shoes have unmatched comfort due to its well-cushioned interiors. The lace-up closure will also give you a snug and secure fit.

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20. New Balance Men’s Mid 626K2 Work Shoe

New Balance Men's Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoe

These shoes were designed with athletes in mind, but Chefs found it appropriate in the kitchen. It is safe to say its primary role was hijacked. But hey! The athletes are not complaining. So, what warranted this divert? Let’s find out.

These sporty shoes have the comfortable fit you need for all-day wear. It has an AZBORB crash pad for shock absorption and perfect arch support for extra comfort. not to mention an internal shank that ensures you are stable for long hours. In addition, the outsole is slip-resistant. You can walk confidently, even on slippery and wet floors.

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Kitchen non-slip Shoes for Women

21. Skechers Sure Track Trickel

Skechers Work Sure Track - Trickel

A kitchen poses more risk to trip and fall due to spills on the floor. These slip-resistant shoes will not only reduce the chances of falling but also help you keep a balance as you carry utensils and food. Why not buy a shoe that is primarily for such surfaces?

With a casual lace-up design, you can adjust the shoe to give you a comfortable fit. The padded collar and tongue will offer extra support to provide you with the comfort you need. The memory foam insole crowns it all with a well-cushioned with a removable footbed.

The track trickles slip-resistant outsoles are ASTM tested to ensure that you maintain your footing on slippery surfaces. The pull tab at the heel is also a plus as it helps you put on and take off the shoes with ease

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22. New Balance Wid626v2

New Balance Women's Slip Resistant 626 V2 Industrial Shoe

These shoes are made for culinary queens whose playground is the kitchen. Those who take comfort flexibility and safety in the kitchen seriously. If you fall into this category, then you really should read on.

These non-slip sneakers offer a high level of foot support and cushioning as they are built for people who are mostly on their foot in workplaces. They also come with an ABZORB crash crash pad. This pad absorbs shock by resisting compression and cushioning. It also offers superb arch support during the long hours you are on your feet.

The sturdy outsole provides the traction needed for a tight grip on slippery floors. It is also non-mark, you will not leave footprints all over the floor. The all-leather upper will also protect you from sharp objects that may land on your feet.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Non-Slip Shoes

Some anti slip shoes are more comfortable than others. For instance, the ones highly-rated will offer a better grasp, among other features, to ensure your safety against slipping. This kind of shoe has soles of rubber and treads patterns as the main factors resulting in a firm grip when working, running, or walking on slippery surfaces. Comfort is also a top priority to element in a while looking to buy slip resistant shoes. Read on.


Non-slip shoes should be soft, flexible, and handy. The softer the material of the shoes, the more powerful the slip-resistant abilities are. Rigid and hard shoes have a weak grip.

When shopping for anti-slip shoes, concentrate on the outsole material. Other than the design of the outsole, pay attention to the material used. Best materials for non-slip shoes offer durability, stability, and grip.

The perfect outsole material for slip resistant shoes is rubber. Rubber is soft, flexible, and effective grip on cold and warm weather. Top-quality rubber affords grasp even on surfaces with oil and water.

Design of the Outsole

Usually, shoes are made of three parts; insole, middle sole, and outsole. The insole spreads along the bottom part of the shoe to protect underneath the foot. The midsole is the soft cushion material providing comfort to your foot. Finally, the outsole is the major part of the shoes for grip and strength.

How well a non-slip can achieve grip is as a result of the effectiveness of the outsole. This is the part of the shoe that connects with the ground. The higher the surface area of the outsole touching the ground, the more non-slip it is. Shoes like heels have weak grip due to the small surface area.

Furrows on the outsole ensure the liquid flows out under the sole of the shoes. These grooves improve flexibility and steadiness.

Tread Design

The tread design ensures the active slip resistance of shoes. The tread pattern offers a large surface area to hold on to a bumpy or uneven surface to avoid slipping. In order to have a powerful traction all-round the shoes, the tread design should be of multiple patterns. These patterns enable you to run, walk, or do any outdoor activity without fear of tripping and falling.

Some tread designs disband water when working on wet surfaces. Look for the open tread patterns as opposed to the sealed off, flat soles. The flat or sealed treads trap in water, causing a watercraft effect on the shoes. The flatness puts you at a higher risk of falling.

Irrespective of the tread design, each shape should be laid out separately to spread out liquids quickly. The patterns should also be buried and not shallow. Shallow tread patterns do not disperse water since they are more like a flat sole. Moreover, deep tread patterns trap stone pebbles, debris, and dirt hence not easy to clean. Replace your anti-slip shoes once you notice the tread patterns wearing out.


As you happen to be on the lookout for shoes with a “non-slip,” “anti-slip,” or “slip-resistant” label, do not be fooled that the content matches the name. Most of these shoes with that label barely offer the functionality and durability of anti-slip shoes.

While labeling is not a guarantee for getting the slip-resistant shoes, concentrate on the factors discussed herein to be sure of what you are buying. What type is the material? How is the tread pattern?

In addition, other companies label with terms such as “oil-resistant,” “chef-approved,” “restaurant tested.” Such marketing terms can mislead you. Take keen caution in scrutinizing if the non-slip shoes said can go with the manufacturers’ assertions before buying it.

Comfort and Style

After considering the above factors, you are left to look at the comfort and style of the slip resistant shoe of your choice.

Check out if the insole provides enough soft cushion for your feet. The best non-slip shoes should ensure your comfort, especially if you are supposed to wear them for an extended period. The insole should be dense and soft at the same time, not to cause blisters underneath your feet.

Moreover, you do not want to buy a pair of anti-slip shoe that is not stylish and trendy. The looks of the non-slip couple should be attractive in design and colors. Look for a design that pleases you and matches your personality and purpose.


Can You Make Your Shoe Non-Slip?

Scraping the sole of your shoe enhances grip, which helps significantly in making it slip resistant. You can scuff it against coarse surfaces like rough gravel or use sandpaper.

How Do You Care and Maintain Anti-Slip Shoes?

Wash the shoes rigorously with plain water to hurriedly get rid of any waste or dirt and best thing is you can also use waterproofing spray for shoes. With a soft cloth, polish away any lingering filth from the outsole of the shoe. For extra cleaning, mix mild detergent and water then soak your boots. Allow them to be sundry properly before taking them in.

How Long Do Anti-Slip Shoes Last?

Usually, non-slip shoes last for a maximum of one year in a typical work setting. However, others that are more durable may last longer. Wearing shoes in perfect condition is the reason why some organizations offer shoe grants to their employees, maybe once or twice annually.

How long should you wear the same shoes?

Working or walking for a maximum of 5 hours need a shoe replacement every six months. Working or walking for a maximum of 7 hours a day requires a shoe replacement after three months. Your fitness shoes should also be replaced after 3 – 5 months for an average of 500 miles daily.

Parting Shot

A beautiful pair of non-slip shoes will protect you not only from a humiliating and possibly risky fall or slide at your workplace, or when you are out with peers and family. They are a vital fraction of your work apparel, mainly if you work in a cafeteria or workshop environment. Anyone working late would significantly gain from wearing the most comfortable anti-slip footgear stuffs available.

In the present time, you frequently come upon grease, oil, water, and other kinds of spills on the streets, roadways, and other places you walk on. It is ideal to own at least a pair of footgear that will inhibit you from slipping, tripping, or falling under any circumstance, be it in an office set up. Older adults most especially will profit from these slip-resistant shoes to avoid the regular accidental falls that seriously harm them.

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