Anatomy & Parts of a Shoe

Anatomy & Parts of a Shoe

There is just something about the word shoe & shoe parts that makes us instantly imagine stylish footwear that looks just amazing on our feet. Be it a boot or a regular shoe, a heeled shoe or pointy-toed; shoes come in so many different types it’s incredible!

Not surprisingly it has become imperative to understand the anatomy of a shoe for both manufacturers and designers but also for the people who love buying all sorts of them.

We aim to explain to you the complex intricacies that set apart one part of a shoe from another and after going through this article, rest assured, you WILL become a master on shoe anatomy

Anatomy & Parts of a Shoe

Anatomy & Parts of a Shoe

Main Shoe Parts

The basic skeleton of the shoe comprises of the parts that make the shape of a shoe. These include:

  • Heel
  • Insole
  • Outsole
  • Toe Cap

Shoe Heel

The heel is the part of the shoe that provides an elevation to the back half of the foot. The heel piece itself is made up of two shoe parts: The heel seat is the upper part which is shaped exactly like the shoe, and the top piece is the lower part that comes in contact with the ground.


It is a layer of soft material that provides comfort to the wearer. It separates the upper part of the shoe from the rougher outsole underneath to form the sole of a shoe.

A small piece of metal called a shank is inserted between the shoe sole and insole.

Outsole (Bottom of Shoe)

The outsole is the shoe bottom part of a shoe. It is created from a tough but elastic material, often rubber, and makes up the shoe foundation. It serves to carry the weight of the wearer while being able to withstand wear and tear caused by friction from the floor below.

Toe Cap (Shoes front View)

The toe cap is the front most part of the shoe. It is a critical part of the shoe regarding design because this part is the most visible and thus the crux of all the great styling.

Secondary Parts of a Shoe

Now that we have discussed the basic parts of a shoe, it is time to fill in the blanks. The following parts make up the rest of the anatomy of a shoe or anatomy of the boots and give it more structure and detail.

  • Upper
  • Tongue
  • Lining
  • Vamp
  • Quarter
  • Eyelets
  • Topline


This is the whole part of the shoe that encases the foot.

Shoe Tongue

This is a soft lightly padded piece which rests on top of the arch of the foot. It serves to fill in space between

Shoe Lining

This is a soft layer of fabric on the inside of the shoe around the vamp that serves to provide comfort and ease.

Shoe Vamp

The vamp makes up the side of the shoe. It starts from the end of the toe cap and extends back to the quarter.


It makes up the back of the shoe right on top of the heel. Its function is to strengthen the heel as well as to cover the foot up to the ankle. Often the quarter is fitted with a stiffener that provides, even more, support to the rear part of the foot.


Eyelets are essential parts of a boot and also of many other kinds of shoes. These small holes allow the shoelace to be tied leading to both perfect fittings as well as the opportunity to create further styling to a shoe.


This is the top border of the uppermost part of the body of the shoe. It gives durability to the shoe while acting as another element for the designers to experiment with new styles with.

Finally, You are a PRO!

Congratulations! Now that you know all about the different parts of a shoe it is safe to say that you are officially a PRO in the world of designing footwear!

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